In mid-2009 we decided to finally start doing for living something that we really like and enjoy. Being discerning music lovers and trained musicians with solid experience in recording, mixing, production and sound restoration on the one side and trained mechanical engineers on the other, we decided to commercialize our long-time hobby and passion, turntable tweaking/upgrading/redesign/building. Meanwhile, we must not forget that the reception of each drug Generic Zovirax Online (Acyclovir 400 mg) that were a part of the probe, has its limitations. For more information about contraindications Zovirax 400 mg read the other sections of our pharmacy. Get more information here:
We would like to share some kind words and pictures courtesy of Keith Oneil of Wyndham Audio from Melbourne, Australia on this interesting turntable/tone-arm/cartridge combination.

"The combination of the Kubrick, Brinkmann 10.5 and Brinkmann EMT ti delivers simply stunning performance, that really needs to be heard over a thorough listening session, to fully appreciate the resolution, clarity and dynamics we are now experiencing from this vinyl rig."

Keith Oneil, Wyndham Audio

Please read the complete article here
Soulines would like to thank everybody who attended the SWEETSPOT Jönköping 6.0

Our turntables were presented side by side with the Heed Audio amplification and speakers, thankfully to our Swedish distributor, Ljudmakarn.
Two months after it was broadcasted, I sat and listened to the whole thing again, and it'd came out very good!

My host, the editor of "My life, my music show" of Radio Slovenia International, Mr. Chris Wherry was very kind and inspired!

Thank you Chris!

Please listen to the show here
We would like to invite you to visit us at the Milano hi-fidelity 2016 at Centro Congressi Melia Hotel, Milano, 2nd and 3rd of April, from 9:00 to 18:00

Soulines turntables will be presented by the AuDeus
We are please to announce assignment of our new distributor for Sweden, the fine Ljudmakarn company.

Please visit their web-page