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1. 3. 2014.
Soulines would like to thank everybody who visited Pointe party at Puder Bar, Budapest, where our Kubrick DCX was presented in high-end system containing new Pointe Sima 20 tube amplifier, Pointe Analogia MkIV phono preamp and Pointe MC step-up, Triangle speakers and Micromega/Theta CD drive/DAC combination.
We hope everybody enjoyed, and would like to thank Pointe for excellent organization of the event. Special thanks goes to Atila of Audiolife Blog for his unusual "audiophile" DJ set, and presentation of some very interesting music.


23. 1. 2014.
Interview with Igor Gligorov, founder and owner of Soulines, in Russian edition of What HiFi magazine, January 2014


20. 12. 2013.
Review of Kubrick DCX in Russian edition of What HiFi magazine, December 2013