In mid-2009 we decided to finally start doing for living something that we really like and enjoy. Being discerning music lovers and trained musicians with solid experience in recording, mixing, production and sound restoration on the one side and trained mechanical engineers on the other, we decided to commercialize our long-time hobby and passion, turntable tweaking/upgrading/redesign/building. Meanwhile, we must not forget that the reception of each drug Generic Zovirax Online (Acyclovir 400 mg) that were a part of the probe, has its limitations. For more information about contraindications Zovirax 400 mg read the other sections of our pharmacy. Get more information here:
Our flagship model Kubrick DCX was reviewed by Jeff Dorgay of Tone Audio Magazine and received the highest remarks.

"Plain and simple, the Soulines Kubrick DCX is a fantastic table in every way. It’s beautifully designed, mechanically and aesthetically. It’s proven easy to set up and has been playing records around the clock since we unboxed it a few months ago, providing hundreds of hours of flawless performance. We’ll report back in six months or so to give you a long-term perspective, but for now, it’s proved fantastic."  
Jeff Dorgay

Please read the complete review here
We are please to announce assignment of our new distributor for Poland, the fine Galeria Audio company.

Please visit their web-page
We are please to announce assignment of our new distributor for Hong Kong, Macau and China, the fine AV Hospital company.

Please visit their web-page
Soulines would like to thank everybody who visited our room shared with Heed Audio at Krefeld AAA show.
We hope you enjoyed!
Special thanks to our friends of Heed Audio providing their great sounding Thesis Line amplification and unique Grand Enigma speakers.
Soulines would like to thank everybody who visited Pointe Open day at the Puder Bar, Budapest, where our Kubrick DCX paired with Isokinetik/Jelco tonearm and Audio Technica PTG33MkII cartridge played in high-end system containing new Pointe Platinum tube amplifier, Pointe The Record phono preamp and Pointe MC step-up and Triangle speakers.
We hope everybody enjoyed, and would like to thank Pointe for the excellent organization of the event and many DJ's presenting their unique record's choice. Special thanks goes to the Atila of Audiolife Blog for his unusual "audiophile" DJ set, and presentation of interesting new music.