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electronically controlled quality DC motor
33.33 and 45.00 RPM with fine speed adjustment feature
inverted solid brass/stainless steel; Derlin thrust plate
40mm thick 2.4kg weighing, machined from Polypropylene
main chassis made of three 20mm thick MDF layers bonded together and 4-point de-coupled sub-plinth made of aluminum
main chassis - graphite gray color
sub-plinth - anodized silver aluminum
2 exchangeable Acrylic arm-boards for 9" Jelco and Rega/Origin Live/Audio Note tone arms; set of 6mm high spacers (for VTA setting); SA cover - Acrylic made dust cover
AC 230V/50Hz; DC input 12V/300mA
430x350x160mm (WxDxH) overall
Net weight:
530x400x260mm (WxDxH)
Shipping weight:


Idea to design a simple but versatile, compact but elegant, high performance yet affordable turntable, resulted in form of the Satie DCX turntable.
Inspiration was found in the music of Eric Satie, stripped of any pretentiousness and sentimentality, thereby revealing an austere essence.
Like Satie's music, the Satie DCX is striped to the bare essence, concentrating on the design and the execution of the performance wise most critical turntable parts; highly rigid aluminum sub-plinth supporting substantial main bearing with the massive platter and arm board(s) accepting almost every kind of the 9" tone-arm available today and minimal skeletal-like main chassis bearing electronically controlled DC motor.
Mass distribution is carefully calculated, placing the Center of mass on the central vertical axe of the main bearing, in the sub-plinth horizontal plane.
Further on, the dimensions, shape and arrangement of different openings/holes of the aluminum sub-plinth were optimized employing Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence, thus gaining uniform vibration damping and the reduction of the Moment of inertia in all three planes (along all three axes) to the Center of mass. Even though stripped to the bare essence, turntable wise, the Satie DCX provide an outstanding performance in compact and extremely user friendly package.
Main chassis is made from the three 20mm thick layers of MDF bonded together and coated in durable graphite gray color, containing fine aluminum dust participles improving damping. Main chassis is supported by two silicone rubber grommets.Wing shaped, one piece sub-plinth is machined from solid aluminum, and its 4-point decoupled from the main chassis by means of rubber-cork washers of different dimensions and diameters, providing a good vibration and damping control.
The sub-plinth is designed to accept any 9" tone-arm utilizing SME mounting scheme standard, and additional, user exchangeable Acrylic arm boards for Jelco/Linn and Rega/Origin Live/Audio Note type arms are included, along with 6mm high aluminum spacers for right VTA setting, thus almost any user desirable 9" tone arm available could be mount on. Our recommendation is to use at least Rega RB202/RB303 or Jelco 250 tone-arms, and when/if upgraded needed in form of higher quality tone-arm, the Satie DCX is ready.
The massive third leg, a big adjustable cone machined from solid aluminum provide leveling and support the sub-plinth, yet it is 3-point decoupled from the sub-plinth, stopping any adverse outer vibrations to reach the sub-plinth and to disturb the delicate system of bearing/platter/record - cartridge - tone-arm.
The drive system is built around the same high quality DC motor used in our more advanced models, electronically controlled, providing an easy operation and fine speed(s) adjustment feature. Speed changing and start/stop function are simple, just flipping the on/off and 33/45 switches.
The platter, 40mm thick and weighing 2.4kg is machined from Polypropylene to very high accuracy and together with the massive inverted main bearing employing Derlin trust plate (same like in our more advanced models) ensures good speed stability
Acrylic (Perspex) dust cover, the SA cover, high-performance rubber-cork mat and the Protractor LP - a cartridge alignment tool are supplied as standard.