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electronically controlled high quality DC motor
33.33 and 45.00 RPM with fine speed adjustment feature
inverted; solid brass/stainless steel; Derlin thrust plate
40mm thick 3.2kg weighing, machined from laminated Acrylic
T-shaped aluminum main plinth with 3-point de-coupled aluminum sub-plinth
silver anodized aluminum
2 exchangeable arm-boards for 9" Jelco and Rega/Origin Live/Audio Note tone arms; set of 6mm high spacers (for VTA setting);
SA cover - Acrylic made dust cover
AC 230V/50Hz; DC input 12V/300mA
430x350x160mm (WxDxH) overall
Net weight:
530x400x260mm (WxDxH)
Shipping weight:

Desire to design a turntable that is advanced by performance, as well as elegant and compact by dimensions, brought us to Elgar DCX. We named it after English composer Edward Elgar, who was the first composer of classical music to take the gramophone seriously, as well as the composer of our favorite cello concerto - the Cello Concerto in E minor.
Highly rigid main plinth is constructed of two massive blocks machined from solid aluminum, bolted together and damped accordingly, and a 50/10mm diameter aluminum pipe, forming together a T-shaped structure. Employing this kind of design provides perfect balance for the plinth itself, by reducing the Moment of inertia in all three planes (along all three axes) to the Center of mass, thus gaining uniform vibration damping.
Inverted main bearing (identical to one employed in our flagship model, Kubrick DCX) is mounted directly onto the aluminum sub-plinth which is in turn 3-point de-coupled from the main plinth (by means of rubber-cork washers of different diameter) in order to maximize performance and minimize acoustic break through.
The motor assembly, consisting of electronically controlled high quality DC motor optimized for turntable use is mounted onto the main plinth.
The aluminum sub-plinth is designed to accept any tone-arm utilizing SME mounting scheme standard, and additional (user) exchangeable Acrylic arm boards for Jelco/Linn and Rega/Origin Live type arms are included, along with 6mm high aluminum spacers for right VTA setting, thus almost any 9" tonearm available could be used.
There are no obvious switches/on-off buttons and/or marks/symbols, yet the left part of the aluminum pipe is actually an on/off and speed selection switch/knob, utilizing the rotary switch with 3 positions, off/33/45. Fine speed adjustment is possible by rotating two small trimmers (one for 33rpm and one for 45rpm) positioned close to the motor and pulley.
The platter, 40mm thick and weighing 3.2kg, is machined from laminated Acrylic to very high accuracy. High-performance rubber-cork mat is supplied as a standard.
The turntable is supported by three small silicone rubber pucks.
Two (user) exchangeable arm-boards (Acrylic made) for 9" tone-arms are included:
- Rega/Origin Live arm-board - tone-arm pivot to spindle distance 222mm
- Jelco arm-board - tone-arm pivot to spindle distance 214mm
Acrylic (Perspex) dust cover, the SA cover, high-performance rubber-cork mat and the Protractor LP - a cartridge alignment tool are supplied as standard.