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As of June the 1st 2013 we offer Direct sales service.
Direct sales service is not available in countries where we have an appointed distributor.
To place an order, please send your inquiry by an e-mail, and you will receive pro-forma invoice, with all the data required for the bank transfer.
We sell and ship worldwide.
For the moment we support only a payment by the bank ("wire") transfer. Although it is a more engaging and slower comparing to Pay pal/Money brokers/credit card payment, we consider it as the only safe way for paying abroad. Soulines products are normally shipped within three weeks, and it usually takes the next 5-7 business days for shipping and delivery. The unit will thus normally arrive within 20-30 days, once the payment is completed and received. Please note that the shipment may be subject to import duties, VAT, taxes and fees at your end. Prior to ordering, please read the Terms & Conditions.
Terms and Conditions
Payments are possible by bank ("wire") transfer. On your request we will supply pro forma invoice with all required payment data.
Availability and delivery terms are specified separately for each product.
Buyer pays all the shipping related costs.
International orders undergo export procedure which implies export taxes and fees, and these are included in the shipping
costs paid by the customer. Customer also pays all the import duties and fees at own side.
All international shippments are insured.
The products are shipped from Belgrade, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia), by TNT. If you prefer some other shipping company (DHL, Fed Ex, DPD, UPS), please you can engage it, instructing them to collect the shipment at our location.
Please note that Serbia is not EU member, and EU customers will have to pay VAT duties in their country of residence. VAT differs from country to country.

Soulines claims proper work for the units sold, as well as their safe functioning, including safe failure, under the conditions of use explained in the respective user manual.
The products are claimed to work properly at the moment of purchase and, unless noted otherwise, the warranty is valid for three years from the moment of purchase. During this period Soulines is obliged to correct for any defect which occurs during regular use of device, at no charge, either by adequate repair service, or when it is not possible by swapping the damaged unit by the new one. Warranties do not apply if defect is result of misuse, negligence or accident. Warranties apply to the Soulines products and not to defects on the products of other manufacturers.
For the units sold directly by Soulines, an invoice with seal and signature is also valid guarantee certificate. Warranties are fully transferable from the original to subsequent owner(s).
Return Policy
All sales are final. Soulines does not accept returns for non-defective products.
Freight Damage/Loss and Delay
Unless the shipment was adequately insured, Soulines shell not take responsibility for its damage or loss. Soulines also shell not take responsibility for delays caused by shipping company.
In case you receive the shipment apparently damaged in transit, you should keep packing material and unit(s) intact and contact us immediately so we can file the claim.

Privacy Policy
The e-mail addresses and other data provided for the the purpose of buying/customer support of/for Soulines products is manually stored in our offline database and is used exclusively for the communication with prospective customers and customer support. We do not provide access to any of this data to third parties, and respecting others' privacy we do not spam anyone.
Intellectual Property
The "Soulines" brand name, design of the Soulines products and the content of this site is a sole property of the design agency:
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