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Our turntables have been reviewed by
Soulines would like to thank everybody who visited AVNEXT room at HXOS EIKONA Show 2014. We hope you enjoyed!
We are glad that this year show was much larger than the last year, hoping that it is another good sign that things in Greece are getting better! We saw lot of familiar faces from the last year and many new as well!
Special thanks to our Greek distributor, AVNEXT for their traditional warm hospitality, and Mr. Fotios Fotiades of HXOS EIKONA audio magazine responsible for the excellent organization of the show.
More pictures on our facebook page
Soulines would like to thank everybody who visited hifi12a stand at Krefeld AAA Show. We hope you enjoyed!
Special thanks to our German friends of hifi12a for their warm hospitality and AAA for super organization of the show.
As we promised back in May, the English translation of Kubrick DCX review published at audio blog on 8th of May 2014 is here

Now English speaking readers may enjoy this fine review

Credits to Istvan of who done the translation and Lajos of for the authorization! Thank you guys!
Soulines would like to thank everybody who visited NEXT HiFi rooms at Moscow What HiFi Show 2014. We hope you enjoyed!
Special thanks to our Russian friends of NEXT HiFi for their traditional warm hospitality and Mr Colin Pratt of Chord for sharing distinctive music and good spirits.
We are pleased to report that our new turntable model, Elgar DCX proved itself as a high-end player, presented in the main room system comprising of Chord amplification and digital sources (CD player and Media server), PMC speakers, Van Den Hul cables and acoustic treatment by Vicoustic.
In the second room our Kubrick DCX turntable was playing in high-end system of Carry tube amplification and Zu Speakers.
Please find more pictures at our facebook page
We are please to announce assignment of our new distributor for Australia, the fine Radiance AV company.

Please visit their web-page here
Kubrick DCX was tested by Mr. Holger Barske of LP Magazin and received very good review

Please read the complete review here
Kubrick DCX was tested by Mr. Stuart Smith of HiFi Pig magazine and received very warm review.

Please read the complete review here
We are pleased to introduce our new turntable model, Elgar DCX, named after an English composer Edward Elgar, known as the first composer (of classical music) to take the gramophone seriously, and composer of our favorite cello concerto, the Cello Concerto in E minor.
Complete aluminum construction with Acrylic platter and same bearing and DC motor used in Kubrick DCX.
There are no obvious switches/on-off buttons and/or marks/symbols, yet the left part of the aluminum pipe is actually an on/off and speed selection switch/knob, utilizing the rotary switch with 3 positions, off/33/45. Fine speed adjustment included.
3 different types of tonearms could be mounted, SME, Rega/Origin Live and Jelco; additional Acrylic arm boards and spacers are supplied for Rega and Jelco mounting.

After successfully completed sound & performance tests, Elgar DCX will be available for sale and distribution from 16th of June.
More information and user manual will follow accordingly.
Review of Kubrick DCX published at audio blog

Hungarian speaking readers will find the review here

Non-Hungarian speaking readers, please be patient we will publish the translation of review as soon as possible.
Watch this space!
Review of Dostoyevsky DCX with KiVi tone arm in HXOS EIKONA, Greek audio magazine

KiVi is the first tone arm designed and manufactured by Soulines. Minimalist uni-pivot design employing carbon/aluminum pipe. More details to be revealed soon!

Greek speaking readers please find the review here

Brief translation for non-Greek speaking readers:

"..... For:
- Classic looks with sophisticated components
- Easy assemble and cartridge setting up
- Extremely balanced sound, clean and vibrant at the same time
- It doesn't force detail with tone tricks; Detail comes directly from crystal clear treble and excellent timing
- So, it simply plays music and you can listen to it for hours
- Computer Audiophiles will find familiar tonic balance and sound staging
- The micro tuning of speed is difficult as initial setting, then again how many times will it be adjusted?
- Uni-pivot , principally requires fine handling
- Classic vinyl(ers) might find it a bit modern sounding ....."