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Our turntables have been reviewed by
We would like to invite you to visit us at the SALON HAUTE FIDÉLITÉ 2015 at Hôtel Marriott Paris, Rive Gauche 17, boulevard Saint-Jacques, 75014 PARIS, 21st and 22nd November, from 10:00 to 19:00

Soulines turntables will be presented by the Exclusive Audio, room G, level 0
We are please to announce assignment of our new distributor for Spain, the fine Pickup Sound company.

Please visit their web-page www.pickupsound.es
Visit us at the New York Audio show at Hilton Westchester hotel, Rye Brook, New York, 6-8th November, Adirondack Audio rooms 4004 & 4005
We are pleased that the Wall Street Journal Magazine chose Soulines Kubrick DCX along with the other great world's turntables for the "Turning the Tables on Traditional Turntables" article in September 2015 Men's Style.
We are please to announce assignment of our new distributor for USA, the fine Adirondack Audio & Video.

Please visit their web-page http://adkav.com/
We are please to announce assignment of our new distributor for Hungary, the fine Pointe Tube Amplifiers, our long time friends and partners.

Please visit their web-page http://pointe.hu/
Our Elgar DCX was reviewed by Dominique Mafrand of French Haute Fidélité audio magazine and received great remarks.

"Seriously built from noble materials cleverly combined it gives off  futuristic elegance devoid of extravagance. Of this rigorous design follows a realistic listening. A discovery." 
Dominique Mafrand

Please read (in French) the complete review here
We are pleased to introduce our new turntable model, Satie DCX, named after a French composer Eric Satie, famous for his unusual and eccentric approach to composing, stripping his music of any pretentiousness and sentimentality, thereby revealing an austere essence.
Our flagship model Kubrick DCX was tested by Marc Rushton of stereonet and received the highest remarks.

."The Soulines Kubrick DCX offers brilliant design based on experience and real-world development, solid engineering and a turntable that will faithfully please any enthusiast for many years to come."  
Marc Rushton

Please read the complete review here
Dostoyevsky DCX was tested by Mr. Matthias Jung of HIFI Statement net magazine and received very good review.

Please read the complete review here