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Our turntables have been reviewed by
We are please to announce assignment of our new distributor for Germany and Switzerland, the fine hifi12a company.

Please visit their web-page here www.hifi12a.de
Kubrick DCX was reviewed by Mr. Mike Cox of the TNT-Audio UK, and scored excellent.

Please read the complete review here www.tnt-audio.com/sorgenti/kubrick_dcx_e.html
We are pleased to announce launch of our new turntable, Dostoyevsky DCX.

Classical looking turntable based on the same design principles as our more advanced models.

News about Dostoyevsky DCX in HiFiles, Serbian audio magazine.
We had a pleasure to participate at the MODERN/Traditional design exhibition, in "Progres" gallery, one of the prestigious Belgrade's Art Gallery.

Hermes DCX and Kubrick DCX models were on display along with some interestingly designed furniture, modern paintings and sculptures.
First day of the show the system was: Goldring 1042 cartridge - Rega RB303 tone-arm - Kubrick DCX turntable - Van den Hul The Grail phono pre-amp - Carry SLI80 amplifier - ZU Audio Soul speakers - Cables and power conditioner by Audience and Van den Hul.

Last two days of the Moscow high end show Kubrick DCX played in the high-end system: Van den Hul The FROG cartridge - Rega rb303 tone-arm - Soulines Kubrick dcx turntable - Van den Hul The Grail phono preamp - Carry SLP 05 preamp with separate PSU - 4x Carry SA-200.2 Power amplifiers (three amping-wiring mode) - PMC MB2S XBD speakers - cables and power conditioner by Audience and Van den Hul.

We played Bob Marley, Tindersticks, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder, Johnny Cash, Talking Heads, Dead can dance, Deep Purple, Wilco, Led Zeppelin, Tom Tom Club, The Rolling Stones, ZAZ, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, Maria Callas (Bizet: Carmen), Gerry Mulligan, Richard "Groove" Holmes, Portishead, Ivo Pogorelich, Tom Waits ....
Preparing Kubrick DCX and Hermes DCX for the MHES 2012 show. Final checking and cartridge set-up.
Our new turntable model kubrick DCX, passed all the tests very well and it is ready for the promotion.

Thanks to the Next HiFi, our distributor in Russia, world promotion will be at the MHES Moscow High-End Show, 2-4 November.
Review of hermes DCX turntable (under the badge of the "tt recycled") in the Serbian audio magazine, HiFiles
Promotion of the hermes DCX turntable at the Belgrade HiFiles show 2011