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Soulines offer Direct sales service for the countries where we do not have an appointed distributor.
To place an order, please send your inquiry by an e-mail, and you will receive the pro-forma invoice along with the detailed sales terms and conditions. The e-mail addresses and other data provided for the purpose of purchase/support of/for Soulines products is manually stored in our offline database and is used exclusively for the communication with prospective customers and customer support. We do not provide access to any of this data to third parties, and respecting others' privacy we do not spam anyone.
We sell and ship worldwide.
For the moment we support only a payment by the bank ("wire") transfer. Although it is a more engaging and slower comparing to PayPal/Money brokers/credit card payment, we consider it as the only safe way for paying abroad. 
Soulines products are normally delivered within four weeks from order/payment date, and it usually takes the next 5-7 business days for shipping and delivery, depending on the shipping agent/service engaged. The products are shipped from Belgrade, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia), by TNT, and being international orders, undergo export procedure which implies fixed amount (around EUR 20.00) export fees, and these are included in the shipping costs paid by the customer. All international shipments are insured. Soulines shell not take any responsibility for the delays caused by the shipping agent/company or shipment damage or loss occurs in transport.
If you prefer some other shipping agent/company (DHL, Fed Ex, DPD, UPS), please you can engage it, instructing them to collect the shipment at our location.
Please note that we do not charge any VAT when export, thus the shipment may be subject to import duties, VAT, taxes and fees at your end.
All Direct sales are final and we do not accept returns for non-defective products.
Soulines products are guaranteed against any defect in materials and workmanship at the moment of dispatch/purchase, and unless noted otherwise, the warranty is valid for the two years from the moment of dispatch/purchase.
Warranty excludes:
- any damage caused due to accident, misuse, abuse, wear and tear, neglect and incorrect installation, unauthorized adjustment and/or repair of product
- any damage or loss occurred in transport to or from the purchaser
- any consequential damage, loss or injury, arising from or in conjunction with our products
Warranties apply to the Soulines products only, and not to any defects and/or damages of the products by the other manufacturers like the tone arms, cartridges, audio interconnect cables and other turntable accessories which might be use/mount with/on the Soulines products.