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The bbs feet, designed with ball bearing swing mechanisms, serve as resonance-damping devices aimed at mitigating sound interference. They are intended for use with a wide array of audio equipment, including turntables, CD/DVD transports/players, DACs, audio streamers and servers, phono and line tube/solid-state preamps, as well as integrated and power amplifiers and speakers, within specified weight limits.
These feet operate based on Newton's Third Law of Action-Reaction, where sound-damaging resonances dissipate through continuous micro-movements and counter-movements of the moveable bbs foot components. Thus, connection between the bbs feet and the audio component (and/or its chassis) must be a solid one, allowing the vibrations originating from the audio equipment itself to pass to the bbs feet in the fastest manner.
The bbs feet incorporate two rows of polished and hardened stainless steel balls, varying in diameters, housed within independent POM and acrylic discs. Ball bearing balls support two stainless steel plates-discs that can be independently move in relation to one another, the audio device mounted on the upper stainless steel disc, and the aluminum base of the bbs foot positioned on the audio shelf/rack. All mobile components are securely enclosed within a two-part aluminum cup, with the aluminum base further isolated from the shelf/rack using rubber-cork washers. For durability and hardness, the aluminum cup parts are anodized.
The bbs feet feature a distinctive design that adheres to the Golden Ratio for the dimensions of the bbs foot components. Along with the use of high-quality stainless steel ball bearings and precision CNC machining, these feet effectively eliminate sound-resonance issues originating from the audio equipment itself. Simultaneously, they prevent external sound interferences from the audio shelf/rack.
Utilizing bbs feet provides numerous advantages for sound reproduction, including a more dynamic and natural sound with an expanded sound stage in terms of depth, width, and height. They also enhance the clarity of audio details and the intelligibility of human voices, facilitating a more emotional and enjoyable listening experience when enjoying favorite LP records, CDs, or digital sound files.
Each bbs foot can accommodate a maximum weight of up to 15kg, with the recommended load for optimal performance falling within the 1-10kg range.
The bbs feet are available in sets of 3 or 4 pieces, so the maximum loads are:
45kg - 3 pieces set
60kg - 4 pieces set
Recommended loads for the optimal performance are:
1 - 30kg - 3 pieces set
1 - 40kg - 4 pieces set
- diameter - 68mm, height - 32mm;
Shipping weight - 3 pcs set - 1.160kg
Shipping weight - 4 pcs set - 1.420kg
The bbs feet can be placed under the existing feet of your equipment or may also be used directly under the equipment's chassis, by-passing the stock feet. Please note that bbs feet should not be ever placed under any kind of the equipment's feet made of rubber, cork, rubber-cork, elastic polymers and similar damping materials, as those kind of "soft" and elastic feet materials act as a barrier for the vibrations originating from the audio equipment itself, namely the vibrations can't get pass through such a kind of material, thus the bbs feet won't work. Feel free to experiment with the placement positions of the bbs feet under your equipment in order to achieve the best sound performance.
Please check availability and retail price with your local Soulines distributor/dealer.