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Universal isolation platform is intended mainly for the isolation of the source components such as turntables, CD players, DACs, streamers and tube and solid state pre-amplifiers, but it will improve the performance of integrated and power amplifiers as well.
Structure borne vibrations from surrounding environment affects virtually every piece of audio equipment, but its effects are most damaging to the performance of the source components such as turntables, CD players, tube equipment, etc., thus they should be prevented from entering the audio components as much as possible. Further, vibrations induced in the transformers, motors, bearings, spindles, etc., also affect the final performance, so it is advisable to direct them out of the equipment as soon as possible and quickly damp/absorb them by the stand/rack/shelf/platform on which the equipment is mounted on.
Both type of the described vibrations, those induced in the equipment itself and those coming from the surrounding environment reduce clarity of the reproduced sound, smear music details and distort frequency response.
In order to tackle both type of described vibrations same time, we designed a universal equipment platform in such way to damp the vibration induced in the equipment itself and in the same time to isolate the equipment from the vibrations coming from the surrounding environment.
Our experience from the turntable design and production taught us that any large plates being used to form the audio equipment case-enclosure inevitably radiate some unwanted vibrations, no matter how rigid and securely they are executed (mounted).
Thus the platform base plate is rigid design machined from solid 10mm thick aluminum, strategically drilled with the holes of different diameters and with triangular openings, where the dimensions, shape and plan of openings and holes follow the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Section ratio rules in order to damp all the equipment born vibrations evenly across the wide frequency range.
Sections where the equipment feet rests on the base plate are further damped employing the rubber-cork washers bonded to the base plate underneath in the areas of these sections. Finally, the platform base plate is of medium weight relative to its size, thus energy storage is optimal.
Vibrations coming from the surrounding environment are prevented from entering the platform base plate by the employment of the isolation cones-feet, which are in contact with the base plate only over the rubber-cork washers of different diameter, kind of a "soft" coupling. Cones are made of solid aluminum and have a small silicone pucks on the bottom providing further isolation from the shelf/rack/stand on which the platform is rest on. Cones are height adjustable allowing easy leveling of the platform.
Maximum loading weight is up to 50kg.
- overall platform dimensions - WxDxH - 490x385x45mm
- usable space for the equipment placement is 470x385mm
- total weight - 6.5kg
Please check availability and retail price with your local Soulines distributor/dealer